Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers

The project

The Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers web build required the curation of content for the “symptoms” pages. These pages were meant to serve as educational landing pages for prospective clients experiencing pain in various areas of the body.

The goal was to provide people interested in Oklahoma Pain Treatment Center’s services information on various conditions associated with sites of chronic pain.

Client feedback

Initially, the client only employed the team to write content for six of the symptoms they wanted to feature on their site. They were so pleased with Frank Reynolds’ work on those six pages that they quickly employed him to cover each of the remaining symptoms.

The Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers PDF, which includes pages researched and written by Frank, can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

Link to the client’s website: https://oklahomapaintreatmentcenters.com/


Published by Frank Reynolds

Frank Reynolds is a copywriter who lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland. An MFA graduate student in creative writing and teaching, Frank admires a well-told story as much as he loves procrastinating. He also enjoys CrossFit, eating, and the ups and downs of fantasy football. Currently, Frank is hard at work on his debut novel, Transference — the first of many fantasy adventures his readers will conquer.

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