Mountainview Recovery

The project

The Mountainview Recovery project was extensive, requiring an accelerated, collaborative effort between the designer, copywriter, and SEO team that spanned more than two months’ time. While the client did provide some previously written content of their own, the majority of the copy presented on their new website was written from scratch after hours of research and multiple phone interviews. So much of what Frank wrote about is both sensitive and timely, given the drug epidemic America faces today, so it was important for him to not only pay extra attention to detail but to also ensure he got the tone right.

Client feedback

The client was so pleased with the work Frank presented that they decided to sign a one-year blog contract, which is updated monthly.

The Mountainview Recovery PDF, which includes many of the pages researched and written by Frank, can be downloaded by clicking on the link. You will also find the first blog article he wrote for the client in the document.

Link to the client’s website:


Published by Frank Reynolds

Frank Reynolds is a copywriter who lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland. An MFA graduate student in creative writing and teaching, Frank admires a well-told story as much as he loves procrastinating. He also enjoys CrossFit, eating, and the ups and downs of fantasy football. Currently, Frank is hard at work on his debut novel, Transference — the first of many fantasy adventures his readers will conquer.

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